NRL 2014 Tipping. Word Document and Excel Spreadsheet. Download now. Just $5

NRL 2014 Footy Tipping Charts (Word and Excel)


NRL 2014 tipping charts in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Screenshot of Word chart:

screenshot NRL Word


Most people print out the Word chart and put it on their wall. Tippers hand write their tips on the chart. The score for the round and the cumulative score need to be added up and written onto the chart. (There are no formulae embedded in this chart). It has columns for up to 10 tippers.


Screenshot of Excel chart

screenshot NRL excel

The Excel chart can be printed out and put on the wall, or used on the computer. When used on the computer,  you need only enter the tippers name in Round 1, and the tippers name will autofill in every other round. The score for the round will need to be manually entered in to the spreadsheet. However, the cumulative score for that tipper will be automatically calculated by Excel. It has columns for up to 18 tippers.